Our platform is designed to be multi-functional, fully scalable, and highly versatile while maintaining a cost-effective approach for all industries.


Our SMART TRACKING solution for the safety of workers


Using portable devices in regular helmets and vests, operators automatically report their real-time location and presence times in specific areas, providing full visibility of workplaces and workers. WILOC SAFE WORKPLACE keeps the safety of workers and monitors productivity.


Asset tracking solution for Installation, Maintenance and Operation


From access control to management of equipment and materials and Installation & Commissioning, Construction 4.0 can only be efficiently driven with WILOC IoT solutions to monitor and trace of all types of heavy equipment in the installation/construction area. WILOC ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION leads the revolution of civil, engineering, installation and infrastructure works. WILOC is the perfect partner for EPC 4.0 services in large-scale and complex projects and have carried-out digitalization and optimization projects in all phases of engineering, construction, installation and commissioning, operations, and maintenance around the globe


Renewables Digitalization

WILOC digitalizes the construction at utility-scale of renewable plats, from Ready-to-Build to Ready-to-Operate including logistics, travel and expediting, construction, installation and commissioning, operations, and maintenance. WILOC helps reducing the LCOE for renewable plants owners and EPC and is carrying-out digitalization projects in construction, installation and commissioning and maintenance phases.


Asset Tracking solution for Smart Material Management


WILOC pioneer the new era of logistics and production. Our localization solutions analyse in real-time the information on stock to improve management of inventory; from locate missing items to accommodate movement of materials in and out and take preventive actions. WILOC will track items that turn into useful data that WILOC PI platform analyses and converts into actionable information. WILOC LOGISTICS & WAREHOUSE solution increments productivity and anticipates to stock depletion. Warehouses are fully monitored with WILOC LOGISTICS & WHAREHOUSE solutions to enable integration with customer’s Storage 4.0 systems


4.0 Ports

WILOC locate, trace and monitor both people and vehicles within the port area, digitalizing the operations to improve efficiency and reduce costs by enhancing port security and workers safety and productivity.