Who we are

 WILOC is the industry leader in implementing cutting-edge tracking solutions that combines the expertise of our specialized team and the integration of third-party technologies. Wiloc provides you with robust digital solutions and quick return on investments. Our best-in-class portfolio of innovative technologies exceeds customer expectations: our commitment to quality is a non-negotiable principle.

WILOC devise, deploy and implement

Intelligent Process Automation solutions with cost-effective, reliable, and sensible traceability solutions for:

  • Civil works
  • Renewable
  • Gas & oil
  • Logistics environments
  • Ports 4.0

WILOC is locating

Thousands of Indoor and outdoor devices for both assets and people around the world by means of advanced state-of-the-art and customer-tailored solutions.

WILOC earned

award-winning integrated Tracking solutions, ready to deploy to you.

Our engineering team leverage your data to empower your proactivity, unlock actionable insights and opportunities to improve the productivity and safety of your workforce while reducing costs.


leveraging your data to

empower proactivity

Technological tracking solutions

WILOC Enterprise Platform IoTaaS (PI) is a powerful technological platform for location-based services and fully tailored applications, that enables advanced technological tracking solutions in real-time with the required location precision.


From the purpose-driven built sensors and adapted connectivity network, WILOC Enterprise platform gathers data, performs data analytics for reliable monitoring and excellence-process driven response that allows you gain control of your assets and workers.

Applications and Reports

WILOC PI platform will manage for you and develops specific applications and reports in a pay-as-you-monitor basis.


wiloc around the world

international presence

WILOC is today developing vertical and cross-market solutions around the world, digitalizing thousands of assets and streamlining processes in a variety of industries.

2 projects with major renewable players

+600 MW photovoltaic and eolic assets traced

Operated since 2022

19 projects with major renewable and EPC players 

+2.000 MW solar assets and people traced 

Operated since 2020

1 project with major renewable player

+50 MW eolic assets traced 

Operated since 2021

1 project with major EPC plater 

+5.000 assets traced 

Operated since 2020

1 project with major EPC player

+1.000 assets traced 

Operated since 2020

1 project with major Oil&Gas player

+10.000 people and assets traced 

Operated since 2020

5 projects with major EPC and Oil&Gas players 

+80.000 people and assets traced 

Operated since 2020

2 projects with major Oil&Gas players

+10.000 people and assets traced 

Operated since 2021